Lace Buckle Boutique – Palmetto Florida

The Lace Buckle Boutique is a unique boutique in Palmetto, FL with a range of women's clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories. If you are tired of the same old shopping malls and big box stores and are looking for a style that is uniquely you, please stop in and visit our boutique in Palmetto, FL. We would love to see you!

Women's Clothing Boutique Palmetto, FL

The Lace Buckle Boutique - 1003 10th Avenue West, Palmetto, FL

(941) 417-7007


Boutique Clothing

Boutique Clothing that you won't find in any shopping mall. If you are looking for a Boutique in Palmetto, FL that won't break the bank you will love our unique clothing styles at great prices. Women's tops, women's bottoms and women's dresses all handpicked unique styles to add some flair to your wardrobe.

Boutique Jewelry

The Lace Buckle Boutique in Palmetto, FL has all the jewelry you can imagine to make your outfit complete. Jewelry is the icing on a cake. Our unique styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces are crafted out of various materials such as gemstones, metals filigree, beads and so much more.


Accessories Boutique Palmetto, FL

Every woman loves her accessories and the lace Buckle Boutique is the place to find them. We love our southern style here in Florida and our accessories collection shows it. From your southern university baseball hats to wine totes and bags. Our Accessories Collection can be found here.